Planning your day might include a visit to famous Punalu’u Black Sand Beach just a few minutes away, where you can swim in crystal clear waters and spot the endangered sea turtles.  Also a short drive away is the Green Sand Beach, where the sand is truly green against the beautiful clear water.   Snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking and diving opportunities abound, not to mention golf courses, good restaurants and lots of exciting community events.

Most everyone has dreamed of Hawaii and longed to visit!  The residents of Discovery Harbour feel privileged and happy to be here, where the weather is warm, but not too warm and the winters are cool, but not too cool.  Enjoy the ocean breezes and the ocean views, which most homes have.

 You know you’ve found another lifestyle when you watch the sun come up out of the ocean, or when you drive the 15 minutes into Na’alehu town while looking at the hills and the cows, goats and alpaca grazing in the fields.  The very best of Hawaii is its family “ohana” feeling, and its casual dress, laid back atmosphere and great new friendships are here for you to enjoy.  We invite you!