The Art Express!

Painting Workshop on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10am-3pm.

FREE & Open to the public

Jump aboard and join our creative atmosphere.  Learn something new or work on a forgotten project.  Instructions will be on oil, acrylic, watercolor and other mediums.

Location: Discovery Harbour Community Hall

Limited to 20 attendance for each date.


Supplies and Techniques (optional)




  • I have wanted to learn to paint for a long time and Art Express has given me that opportunity.  The atmosphere is relaxed, Meliha is very helpful if you have a challenge with something you are working on.  It is also an opportunity to see what others are working on which gives everyone inspiration.
    Barbara Flaherty,
    DISCO Resident.


  • Currently I am taking the art classes taught by Meliha Corcoran. I am thrilled that she volunteers her time to do this, since it took a while to get enough people with art as an interest for the class to happen. Meliha does an incredible job of having an art project for each meeting with great instruction and tempting supplies, which she generously provides. I find it inspiring to see what other artists create – this helps with my own artistic efforts. Most of the class attendees are DHCA members with a few from the extended neighborhood – more people make the classes better, more energetic and creative. It is just so nice to share with everyone and I always look forward to the meetings. In fact, I wish we could get together twice a month!!
    Kathy Moss,
    A member of the Discovery Harbour Community Association since 2010.


  • Art is my passion and your class offers an environment for creativity. Thank You for ALOHA in the spirit toward art.
    Mary Ann White,
    Discovery Harbour Resident


  • I attend Art Express because I have always had a desire to paint, and have never been offered a starting point.  You provide a valuable service to the community by offering your service, free of charge, to aspiring artists.  Your knowledge of different techniques, and the fact that you share supplies with us, is unbelievable.  There is also great interaction with other people, of varied skills.  Thank you for all you do for us!
    Candy Casper,
    DHCA Resident


  • I live in Ocean View and am very grateful for the chance to attend Art Express and occasionally other classes at DHCA. These and other classes are a perfect use of the hall by bringing community members together in fellowship, the true cement of a good community is these common bonds we forge in such activities.
    Thank you for making this possible
    William & Lisa Shock


  • Aloha, I am so pleased and grateful for the painting classes offered by Meliha and her Art Express at the Discovery Harbour Community Center once a month. This class offers training in many art techniques by this highly-talented artist and instructor.  We have become a community of beginning to advanced artists of all ages who share ideas, techniques, inspiration, and most of all a place where we can meet to share our creative abilities and ideas.  Because painting  classes in Ka’u were limited or didn’t exist at all, Meliha stepped in to fill the gap and quickly attracted local artists and aspiring artists to participate in this amazing and Aloha – inspired educational artistic forum.  I hope this class continues to be offered in our beautiful DHCA community.
    Kind regards,
    LaurieBoyle at