Aloha Sponsor,

We, the Discovery Harbour Community Association (DHCA), are contacting local businesses to solicit sponsors to be prominently displayed on our website and printed in our Annual Newsletter.

Our website address is so anyone viewing this site would have your information at their fingertips. The exciting news about our website is that it is in the process of being completely re-designed, so sponsor information will now be much more accessible and visible. We expect even more traffic from our current members as well as prospective members.

The Annual Newsletter will be sent out this April to all our U.S members. Most of our property owners keep it as a reference, so they can support local businesses. Those who plan to move here in the future are often seeking local vendors to aid them in their transition, and look to us for this information. When residents call the office for information on local businesses, which is often, our sponsors always get first referrals. Please allow yours to be one of those businesses!

The cost of a one year DHCA endorsed vendor presence is $50.00. If you see value in this offer, please include at least 3 (three) current business cards with your check made payable to:

DHCA or Discovery Harbour Community Association
P.O. Box 651
Naalehu, HI 96772

Please submit it to us by March 15, 2017. Your sponsorship will remain in effect for one year, ending March 31, 2018.

Your sponsorship would be appreciated and valued.


Discovery Harbour Community Association
PO Box 651
Naalehu, Hi. 96772-0651